Equine Apprenticeships

We run an 12 month Apprenticeship alongside Haddon Training; they are a well-known Equestrian training provider and they send us excellent trainers to help get our Apprentices qualified. We currently run BHS Stage 1,2, 3 & 4 and Stage 2 & 3 Teach courses and we offer BHS training and an exam fee paid for to all our Apprentices.

If you’re not interested in completing your BHS stages qualifications then the Horse Diploma is an alternative option. We have fantastic facilities and between 70-80 horses on site at any one time. There are lots of lovely horses available to ride and handle as an Apprentice which gives you a good grounding before taking a BHS exam at an exam centre on unfamiliar horses.

We run a jumping show every school holiday and a dressage show once a month which we encourage our Apprentices to take part in to gain valuable experience.

The Apprenticeship position is full time (37 hours / week), the hours are 8am-4pm four week days and one day at the weekend 8am-5pm. We pay the current hourly wage for Apprentices. During the week you will get two hours training each day, which consists of an hour riding lesson and an hours class room or practical session. The weekend is our busy time, so your help would be required on the yard helping with our busy riding school and livery yard. Apprentices need only apply if they are hardworking and have reliable transport. Working with horses is hard work, however it is also great fun and very rewarding. We require two references, a copy of your CV, an assessment lesson and a two week trial period. Click on the link to visit the Haddon Training website for more valuable information.


February 2020 Newsflash!!

We currently have one vacancy for an apprentice. Please see below for detail and how to apply: