British Horse Society Career Pathway

Bhs Stages

The four BHS Stage exams, of which Stage 1 is the first level, are generally taken by professional people wishing to work in the horse industry. The lower standards (primarily 1 and 2) are also used by keen amateur riders and horse owners who want to work towards a valued qualification and achieve a standard of competence well recognised and respected by the horse industry. Each stage exam consists of a ridden unit and stable management units (called knowledge and care). The knowledge and care consists of three units. The two parts can be taken on the same day, or separately. The complete qualification will not be awarded until both sections have been successfully achieved. Click on the link to find out more: g-pathway/

We currently run the following courses with a view to our candidates taking the exam at one of the many Exam centres across the country.

  • BHS Stage 1
  • BHS Stage 2
  • BHS Stage 2 Teach
  • BHS Stage 3
  • BHS Stage 3 Teach
  • BHS Stage 4
  • BHS Ride Safe (next course April 2020 with assessment late May 2020. See below for details.

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