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Dressage Times – 9th December 2018

Class 1 – The Pony Club D Level Test  (Ridden as Pairs)

1.30pm  Audrey Blackett – Mr Darcy & Cathy Smith – Binny


Class 2 – Triley Walk & Trot 11

1.42pm  Charlotte Green – Caddie

1.48pm Avah Heath – Sully

1.54pm  Zara Phillips – Blaze

2.00pm  Imogen Anderson – Fizz

2.06pm  Robyn Cotterall – Lulu

2.12pm  Lois Aurelius – Misty

2.18pm  Bethan Chandler – Arty

2.24pm  Diana Lane – Mikey

2.30pm  Gill Suttle – Kyzyl Double or Quits

2.36pm  Audrey Blackett – Mr Darcy

2.42pm  Charlotte Green – Charlie

2.48pm  Loren Bowen – Loui


Class 3 – Triley Canter Intro Test 3

3.00pm  Gill Suttle – Kyzyl Double or Quits

3.06pm  Audrey Blackett – Mr Darcy

3.12pm  Lois Aurelius – Misty

3.18pm  Tracey Hook – Dolly

3.24pm  Saskia Murphy – Lexi

3.30pm  Hazel Carter – Tedzhen


Class 4 – The Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2018

3.36pm  Tracy Hook – Dolly

3.42pm  Ellie Cole – Pearl

3.48pm  Lilly Willams – Blakewater Matador

3.54pm  Charly Cole – Bambi

4.00pm  Bea Newington-Bridges – Kerwin

4.06pm  Tamas Tancsik – Riff Raff

4.12pm  Hazel Carter – Tedzhen

4.18pm  Lottie Jones – Charlie

4.24pm  Lizzie Lane – Lilly

4.30pm  Saskia Murphy -Lexi

4.36pm  Bethan Chandler – Visa

4.42pm  Lilly Williams – Mister Roseberry

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